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The best options trading course ever.

The best traders in the world actually only succeed 65% of the time and lose 35% of the time on their trades. It is how they navigate the possible outcomes to increase their probability of success that makes them winners or not. The proper analysis of PRICE and TIME is critical to where a stock,currency or option derivative is trading. The strict DISCIPLINE to protect your capital when you are wrong is the KEY. Next is selecting the proper option strike and assessing its value and implied volatility.
This course will start you on the road to success!
  • We teach you to trade in real time during market hours using actual trading positions. You will learn to incorporate stock charts into your trading to refine points of entry and exit and to use option strategies to find the smartest way to get long or get short or capture premium. For example, when hitting a critical level of support, is it best to buy calls, sell puts or use a combination of spreads if you desire to get long ? What if you wish to benefit on the short side from a breakdown in the price ? We will train you to understand what to look for and how to build these methods into your trading or investing.
  • Our program is developed to fit current market conditions and includes unquestionably the best course curriculum and instructor of any investment training school anywhere. Our Chief Instructor offers insights and anecdotes from 25 years of professional trading and investing experience which will astonish you and help you start making money and avoiding costly mistakes.
  • Our price list is substantially below courses taught in other programs yet your learning experience will be incomparable.
We welcome traders from Robinhood, TD Ameritrade , Interactive and Etrade


Course 301-Options Trading & Strategies


Over 99% of option traders lose money. Join the 1%.


Learn all aspects of trading options, whether you want to be a professional trading for a living or an investor or an investment manager looking to hedge risk in a portfolio.You will learn the effective use of puts and calls including alternative ways to get long or short. Whether for premium generation, speculation or hedging,The Options Trading & Strategies course includes the implementation of practical trading strategies for all types of trading styles as well as an introduction to option theory. Each strategy will be defined and explained in detail. The maximum profits, maximum loss, risks and rewards of each strategy will be explored in real time showing how the strategy will perform under a variety of changing variables and real market conditions. Unlike most other schools who have instructors without professional option trading experience, our Chief Instructor traded as a professional market maker for over 15 years. You will leave with a clear understanding of how each option is related to other distinct option strikes or expirations along with the means to effectively hedge or position yourself for large risk/reward trades.

Prerequisite Level:  Basic Option Knowledge


 Weekdays  9 am - 4 pm     4 days     $1850


Yes! I want to become an Options Pro

Course 201-Technical Analysis & Trading


Chart reading is an art, not a science. However, in order to be a master chart reader, you need to know the scientific tools . Which tools you learn and how they integrate will differentiate this quality training program from the average program. Learn to draw on live charts real-time trendlines that most traders fail to see. Locate key buy and sell pivots that are invisible to most under various time frames. Use candlesticks to improve trade entry and exit points.

Prerequisite Level: Basic to Intermediate Trading Knowledge


Weekdays   9am-4pm    4 days     $ 1550


Yes! I want to become a Master Chart Reader


Course 101-Practical Investing & Portfolio Construction


Gain a world class introduction to building a portfolio for life. In this course we will emphasize the practical aspects of disciplined investing and market fundamentals that every investor should know in order to understand how the financial markets work. Learn how to screen with free web tools for stocks and how to use fundamental and technical analysis.

Prerequisite Level: Novice


M-TH    9am-4pm     4 days    $995


Yes! I want to learn to build a Portfolio for Life

Ross Trading School
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