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                      About the Ross School of Trading & Investment Management



The RSTIM was founded by our Chief Instructor, Eric Ross, a seasoned professional options and securities trader, to provide current or aspiring traders and investors the means to level the playing field against the competition from hedge funds or other traders. We offer methods and thought provoking insights not found in textbooks which will permanently alter how you invest, trade and build a portfolio for life. Whether the course you select is Technical Analysis & Trading or Options Trading & Strategies, you will learn the most advanced methods for selection of what to trade, how to trade it, what prices to pay.Our program is developed to fit current market conditions and includes unquestionably the best course curriculum and instructor of any investment training school anywhere. The best traders in the world have a "win/loss" record on trades of no better than 65/35. It is how they navigate the possible outcomes to increase their probability of success that makes them winners or not. Eric Ross brings over 25 years of professional trading and investment analysis experience to the classroom. Not long after graduating from the Wharton School of Business, Ross became a professional options floor market maker as a member of the American Stock Exchange. He subsequently managed a large portfolio account at a leading trading firm. He has also been the CFO and CIO at an investment company.

 Chief Instructor Eric Ross
Ross Trading School
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