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RSTIM Course 101- Become a  Stock Market Investor


Gain a world class introduction to building a portfolio for life. In this course we will emphasize the practical aspects of disciplined investing and the teaching of market fundamentals that every investor should know in order to understand how the financial markets work. Learn how to screen with free web tools for stocks and how to use fundamental and technical analysis.This course will provide a foundation for a lifetime of wealth creation.


M-TH         9 am - 4 pm        4 days           $995


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Yes! I want to be learn how to invest for life


Course 101 Curriculum:

Part 1: Investing in Stocks Learn the basics of investing in common stocks and understand the meaning of owning shares in a company, the rights for dividends and voting and learn about different stock types and market sectors.

Part 2: Analyzing StocksLearn about the two main approaches to analyzing and evaluating stocks-fundamental & technical analysis. Learn how to use free web tools that will help you in conducting basic analysis of publicly traded companies.

Part 3: Trading SecuritiesLearn how to buy and sell stocks, how the stock exchanges work, and how to choose a broker.

Part 4: What´s Moving the MarketsThe Economy, The Players & The News. Learn how to interpret economic indicators, know the key players in the market and understand how they move it. Learn which important news events you should look for.

Part 5: Introduction to Fixed IncomeThe basics of bonds, how to invest in them and the affect they have on the stock market.

Part 6: Mutual FundsHow do mutual funds work? The advantages & disadvantages of investing in mutual funds, using ETFs for multiple sectors diversification, and practical guidance for choosing the best fund for you.

Part 7: Portfolio Management, Risk & PsychologySetting your risk tolerance, building your portfolio, and understanding the psychology of investing.



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