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RSTIM Course 302 - Advanced Option Strategies


M- W         9 am - 4 pm       3 days         $2,000


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Yes! I am ready to become an options pro


Most schools teach basic option strategies such as straddles, strangles, butterfly spreads and condors,yet they call these strategies advanced!

Although we will teach those basic strategies in great depth, we will introduce and train you in far more sophisticated layering strategies to take advantage of volatility pricing discrepancies, seasonality and time decay. Proper order entry mechanics and position adjustments are key elements.

  • Learn great techniques to structure positions around earnings announcements and other events.

  • Learn the methods to correctly adjust your positions so keep any gains or reduce further losses.

  • Gain comprehensive instruction on timing your order entry and how to price orders to get maximum realizable benefit and get orders filled


This course is by far the best class taught to experienced option traders who need to fine tune what they know and expand their horizons into the realm of professionally managing positions in todays markets. The electronic market marking systems and different option exchanges create quirks unlike any previous period in trading history. We discuss the influence of HFT and methods to effectively complete your trades.

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