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Ross School of Trading Courses


101 Practical Investing & Portfolio Construction    M - TH        9 am - 4 pm    4 days     $   995 

201 Technical Analysis & Trading                         Weekdays   9 am - 4 pm    4 days     $ 1,550

202 Using Advanced Technical Indicators            Weekdays   9 am - 4 pm    3 days     $ 2,200    

301 Options Trading & Strategies                         Weekdays   9 am - 4 pm    4 days     $ 1,850

302 Advanced Option Strategies                          Weekdays   9 am -4 pm     3 days     $ 2,000


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Our price list is substantially below comparable courses taught in other programs. You learn in real time during market hours.Better still, our instructor offers insights and anecdotes from 25 years of professional trading and investing experience which will astonish you.

We limit our class enrollment to a maximum of 8 students . Realistically, any class which allows for more than this number cannot offer the personal attention necessary to succeed. Some schools hold class sizes of 15 to as many as 50! Some schools even advertise instructors who do not exist!

Our program provides the most unique rounded investment education which will permanently alter the way you look at markets for life.








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Ross Trading School
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